Employment Information

Employment Information

Category New Employee Experienced Employee
Office Technician Production Technician Office Technician
Highest Level of Education College degree or higher High school diploma or higher College degree or higher
Recruitment period As needed As needed As needed
  • Have a degree from a four-year university or higher, or expected to graduate in February of the following year
  • Have no reasons for disqualification in overseas travel and completed or exempted from military service for male
  • Fluent in English
  • Have a high school diploma or higher
  • Completed or exempted from military service
  • Have experience in the recruiting position
  • Completed or exempted from military service
  • Have no reasons for disqualification in overseas travel

Screening process

Complete the job application (including a cover letter) when the job opening is posted and submit the following documents as those selected through the document screening will be interviewed.

Category Screening process Required documents
1st Document screening
  • Job application and cover letter
2nd Interviews
  • Graduate (expected) certification for final education
  • Transcript of all academic years at university and graduate school (for transfer, include transcripts from the previous school)
  • Official transcript in foreign language (must be within 2 years from issued date)
  • Certificate of career (only for those who apply, must include details of duties)
  • Receipt for earned income tax withholding
3rd Recruitment
  • Complete personal details report
  • Complete an employment contract
  • Receive safety and health training
  • OTJ job training
  • Job placement